Design & Development

Engineering Design & Development that incorporates our Knowledge, State-of-the-art Technology and Craftsmanship

Prospect Foundry’s ability to produce pressure tight, low porosity castings in complex designs is based upon the integration of engineering expertise in pattern design, metallurgy and casting processes.

New Product Development – Prospect Foundry is your “go to” source for expert new product engineering assistance. Coupling our engineering expertise and state-of-the-art CAD and solidification modeling can shorten project development timing and ensure a successful project outcome.

Other engineering services include:

  • Project management
  • Casting design for manufacturability input
  • Prototype part
  • Low volume production

Problem Resolution – Major OEMs often choose Prospect Foundry to help resolve technical and supply issues with complex iron castings currently in production at other foundries. Prospect Foundry will take on transferred tooling and will complete a thorough and rapid engineering analysis including sample production and a summary recommendation report. We understand the need for speed in the re-launch and will make every effort to satisfy your expectations.

Metallurgy – Prospect Foundry employs several expert metallurgists who oversee and control melt practices, metallography to analyze grain structure and casting soundness and to provide certifications confirming consistent chemistry and mechanical properties.

Casting Process Development – Prospect’s expert foundry engineers will develop and qualify the correct casting process that will reliably deliver an iron casting that meets customer’s metallurgical, dimensional and cosmetic requirements.