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Union Contract Extention

Prospect Foundry is pleased to announce that management and the GMP have extended the union contract for another three years, effective June 1st, 2015. We would like to thank both parties for their professionalism during this process.  Management and the GMP look forward to Prospect’s continued success!

Acquired by DJC Holdings, LLC

DJC Holdings, LLC, led by Prospect Foundry’s management and backed by financing from a commercial lending institution, is pleased to announce the purchase of Prospect Foundry, LLC, from Guard Hill Holdings, a private equity group.

“Prospect is excited to once again be a locally owned and operated business,” said Darrin Carlson, President & CEO. “We now take a long-term view when investing, and we will continue to strive to provide the most cost-effective complex castings in the market by using real-time data provided by our Guardian ERP software.”

Prospect Foundry produces complex ductile and gray iron castings used in the agriculture, construction, mining, fluid power, industrial and transportation markets. It is centrally located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and employs over 100 craftsmen whose passion and attention to detail help deliver high-quality castings on time.

We look forward to serving your current and future needs.